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Dear friends:

Logic was highly valued in my seminary education.  It’s the science of reasoning or deductive thinking.

St. Thomas Aquinas was very logical in his writings and you may remember his five proofs for the existence of God using Logic.  Believe it or not, but I had to memorize them in Latin!  Do you remember them?  Here they are:  1) the unmoved mover, 2) the first cause, 3) the argument from contingency, 4) the argument from degree, 5) the argument from design.

The syllogism is a big part of Logic and classically shows how to draw correct conclusions.  This is an example: “God loves all people, Catholics are people, God loves Catholics”.

Of course we learned about false logic too, about never moving from the particular to the general and avoiding “ad hominum arguments” in which the person is put down instead of what they are saying.

I often think that logic and reason are not valued enough.  Haven’t we all heard people tell us some story about themselves adding – “I know it doesn’t make sense but that is what I did”!  It seems we can think logically but then not let it influence our behavior.

Here’s another one.  “I can’t afford it, but I am going to buy it anyway”.  The thinking can be logical but the resulting action illogical.  I guess, in this world that has gone mad, I am appealing for sanity, reason and logic.

“God loves logical people, you are logical, God loves you”.

Fr. McNamara


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Prayer For Priestly Vocations
Prayed at the Ordination of
Fr. Eben McDonald and Fr. Nabor Rios
on June 3, 2012

Father, in every generation you provide ministers of Christ and the Church. We come before you now, asking that you call forth more men to serve our Archdiocese in the ministerial priesthood.
Give us priests who will lead and guide your holy people gathered by Word and Sacrament. Bless us with priestly vocations so that we can continue to be a truly Eucharistic Church, strengthened in our discipleship of Jesus Christ, your Only Son.
Raise up, we pray, men who are generous in their service, willing to offer their lives and all their gifts for your greater glory and for the good of your people.
We make our prayer in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, through Christ, Our Lord.



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