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Dear Friends,

     We will wrap up our Together In Mission annual appeal this weekend.  This appeal is the diocesan    outreach to the poorer parishes and schools of our diocese.  Our goal this year is $115,400.00 and with all of us being generous, we will reach it.  Please be sure your pledge is included.  Many parishioners sit out these appeals.  Perhaps this year, fewer will.   I hope this is a year of change and that we receive many more pledges.  My gratitude to all of you wonderful “pledgers”!

     Do you remember Lent last year?  Specifically, do you remember any Lenten resolutions you made?  If you cannot remember anything you did with regard to prayer, fasting and almsgiving –hmmmm!!!  Do you remember if you received ashes on Ash Wednesday?  Can you remember the free prayer booklet that your parish handed out, with a prayer for every day?  If you cannot, you probably have a lot ofcompany!

      When it comes to things like exercise, educational development and even spiritual growth, we humans are susceptible to laziness.  We are amazing creatures.  We will not avail of opportunities that would be good for us and yet we can quickly jump in and criticize others when they do not avail of                        opportunities.  We have the talent of excusing ourselves but not others!

      Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, a week from this Wednesday, and ten days from now.  Let’s start planning.  Catholics love Lent and we are at our best when we do something in the areas of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.  Your parish has a new booklet for you this year with a prayerful reflection for each day.  Let us be ready and make this the best Lent ever.

                                                                                                 God bless you all,
                                                                                                 Father McNamara





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